Growing up I always had a passion to create art. I flooded the refrigerator with crayola masterpieces, designed abstract art with unwanted food, and sculpted snowmen in the winter months. It was always my dream to grow up to be an artist. Through some very sound advice from an art teacher in high school, I learned that I could use my creativity to communicate a specific message with graphic design.

I have worked in a wide range of fields from greeting card design to interactive design. The breadth of possibility is my favorite thing about graphic design. There is always opportunity to grow and develop your skills within new mediums and markets. When it comes to working on new things, it’s never a question of can I do it, but rather a question of how quickly can I learn.

Taking a step back, I like to look at the bigger picture, focusing on strategic insights to inform design principles. Of course I can design a beautiful website with pretty pictures, but isn’t it better if I design a beautiful website that also meets strategic goals?

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